Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor pro - visitor management system

All medium to large-sized organizations have the requirement to log the movement of visitors in and out of their premises, especially when security is of major concern. This is why the Visitor Management System by Makkays not only logs the movement of visitors but also has the capability to get approval/confirmation from the person being visited. Our Visitor Management System is highly customizable and works on different models, as selected by the user. It has the capability to work with Barcoded Visitor Cards, RFID-based Cards, NADRA CNIC, or Biometric Fingerprint Readers.

Instant visitor registrations

  • Pre-appointments
  • Real-time visitors status
  • Searchable visitor history
  • Multiple identification methods (CNIC, Passport, License, Mobile #)
  • Options to save visitors' live photo and fingerprints
  • Multiple options for visitor pass
  • Preprinted cards
  • RFID cards
  • System generated visitor slip
  • System generated visitor sticker)
  • Multiple notification channels (portal, email, SMS)
  • Interactive dashboard & reports