Vehicle Access Control Solutions

Vehicle access pro - vehicle access control system

Vehicle access Pro is an RFID-based solution that implements an eTag feature that enables an organization, to allow access to only authorized vehicles on premises. The system integrates with UHF RFID Readers and provides a complete monitoring dashboard for the on-duty security office, to monitor each vehicle that arrives at the entry/exit gates. As soon as an e-tagged vehicle arrives at an entry/exit point, the eTag is read and information about the vehicle and the vehicle owner, corresponding to that tag is displayed on the monitoring dashboard, along with the live view from a camera.

Based on the information, the security officer may decide to lift the barrier or drop the road blocker. The barriers and road blockers can also be controlled automatically by Vehicle Access Pro. It is a complete end-to-end solution for Vehicle Access Control.

Solution features

  • Precise identification of vehicles with live status
  • Successful day to day operations
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Automated entry/exit at barriers & gates with RFID
  • Active dashboard, reports & alerts for real time monitoring
  • Smart vehicle logs for reporting, analysis and requirements for future
  • Display of available number of parking spaces
  • Blacklisting of vehicles