Parking Management Solutions

Parking management solutions

Car park operators and drivers have one thing in common: they want parking operations to be easy, secure, and efficient. However, in practice, it can be tricky to find a free space after entering a car park. As many drivers will know, this is very frustrating!

Makkays offers a way to guide drivers to a free space quickly, with products that can be easily combined and integrated for a simple and efficient solution. Streamlining parking, both at entrances/exits and through the car park, make operations much more efficient, speeding up the process and potentially freeing up spaces more quickly for further occupation. This means maximizing profits on spaces. It also provides extra layers of security, giving peace of mind to drivers and operators alike.

Solution features

  • Free space indicator
  • Free space count
  • Parking guidance
  • Vehicle locator
  • Search video by license plate
  • Search video by time
  • Access control barrier by license plate
  • Visualized parking lot management
  • Parking data analytics