Time And Attendance Solutions

Time and attendance solution

The time & attendance management solution by Makkays simplifies employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours, and collection of time & attendance data. Delegated authentication is impossible because it is a biometrics-based time & attendance management system and you can set up various types of work schedules/work shifts. It enables human resources management and time & attendance management in one system since you can easily connect with HR or ERP systems and easily see personalized time & attendance reports and calendar views at a glance.

Solution features

  • Centralized reporting system for monitoring of attendance of employees, department wise, section wise, timetable-wise, shift wise, overtimes, etc.
  • Tracking of attendance log, and leave of individual and collective employees.
  • Time and attendance assurance against employees’ job shifts
  • Monitoring and control of attendance and leaves of the total workforce.
  • Management of transfer(s), posting(s), leave(s) management and shift(s) management using software.
  • Log employees on tours to remote regional centers of an organization.
  • Employees on Work from Home are also able to mark attendance.
  • Dashboard for the head of the departments to monitor attendance, leaves, and absence through tabular & graphical representation.