Agile Access Control Solutions

Agile access control solutions

The access control solutions by Makkays offer a secure, convenient, and flexible method of controlling who has access to your buildings, and to what areas or rooms. Popular across industries, our access control is used in commercial buildings, residential property, education, the hospitality, leisure sector, and within the health and social care settings. With PC-based and online user interface options that are intuitive and straightforward to learn, Makkays access control solutions are easy to administer and control.

The solutions meet an enormous range of needs, from those of small single sites to complex multisite networks across the country. Our Access Control product line includes IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panels, readers, tripod turnstiles, and accessories, supplied with all necessary integration tools, SDK, and technical support to provide our business partners with complete solutions

Solution features

  • Access authority configuration
  • Automatic door management
  • Unique alarm notifications
  • Back-office accessibility
  • Custom reports
  • Elevator control
  • Third-party integrations
  • Emergency evacuation modules
  • Visitor management modules