Energen Haze Suntech Sharp i-power Technoware Narada
Delta Power-One          
Farnell Axon Macom Leach Tyco-Electronics Oki Souriau
Deutesch Hi-G ISL i-Flex Conesys T-Tech Erni
G-First Redline Dowslake Whichorus Keymile i-flex I-Connect
Deutesch Leoni          
Dell Telesis Cisco Alcatel Lucent Aruba i connect Aventura
Test and Measurement
Exfo NetHawk Fluk Networks Sumitomo-Electric Spectracom Rigol Kepco
Buck and hickman Knuth Facom        
Software Solutions Makkays Software Development Portfolio / Profile  
The Makkays Software Development Department is experienced and skilled in developing cutting edge state of the art software solutions for a wide spectrum of users. Following are some of the categories:
      Software Solutions       Software Products
  • e-Business & Office Automation Solution
  • e-Registration and e-Filing Solutions
  • ERP & Enterprise IT Solutions
  • Customized Software Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Portals & Web Applications
  • Statistical Applications & Dashboards
  • Access Control & Security Monitoring Solutions
  • Attendance & Leave Management Solutions
  • Hardware Integrated Software Solutions
  • Process Automation
For complete details and an overview of the software solutions we have provided to our clients, please view Makkays Software Development Portfolio / Profile
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