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Makkays has an exclusive partnership with Pandatel-AG of Germany. Dowslake Microsystems has recently acquired major stake in Pandatel, therefore Makkays now represents Dowslake for Last mile Solutions. Dowslake is one of the few worldwide suppliers that offer a wide range of solutions from optical to last mile networking.
Dowslake’s major products include:

CATS Converged Access & Transport System

 CATS Converged Access & Transport System is a next generation optical system platform for WDM, TDM and Ethernet applications With this system, service providers can offer various bandwidth configurations using Ethernet and/or E1/T1 protocols, while aggregating all services on to the metro network. The centrally managed platform accepts plug-in cards which also fit into a stand-alone small chassis as CPE (customer premises equipment)




Modems, Converters and Multiplexers:
An extensive range of fibre optic modems, media converters and fibre multiplexers are available. Dowslake products are recognized as the most reliable equipment with differentiations in following areas:
Manageability  Through our Access Platform MACs, user can manage remotely using SNMP agent or web based GUI.
Redundancy  With built-in dual link design, service providers can use the same small form factor card to support a spare fiber link in order to provide security when the main fiber is down. 
High Integration  our OMF fiber converter provides 2-in-1 configuration, with 1 card supporting 2 links, saving space and cost. 
Flexibility with IMC interface modules which is common for OMF, CCF and MG, user can configure or re-configure easily the required service interfaces, such as E1/T1, V.35, X.21, 100MBaseT




MACS Access platform:
The universal MACS platform enables the user to create his/her own Multi Access Connectivity System by using different plug-in cards within Dowslake Ethernet, TDMoIP solutions as well as with MACS compatible converters and modems.

ETC Series, Ethernet Solutions for First/last Mile Solutions:
Pandatel ETC series products offer Ethernet solutions for first and last mile applications. Traditionally service providers need to use 2 types of equipment for transport and for service delivery. With ETC series products, transport and service delivery functions are accomplished with the same equipment.


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