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Spectracom is a world expert in time & frequency calibration, measurement and analysis. Their product portfolio includes:

  • Timer / Counter / Analyzer
    Frequency Timer / Counter / Analyzer upto 60 GHz
    with the highest resolution and speed
  • Microwave Counters
    Enhanced Counters with Integrated Power Measurement,
    CW Support, Sweep and Frequency Agile Signals
  • Frequency Counter
    On-Site Master Clock Calibration for Radio Base Stations,
    Calibration Labs and R&D Establishments
  • GPS-Controlled Frequency Standards
    GPS Disciplined Rubidium Clock for Near-Cesium Stability
    Ideal Reference Source for SDH / PDH Analyzers
  • Antenna Path Alignment
    Quick and Accurate Optimisation of ransmission Path
    between two Mirowave Antenna Sites
  • Spectrum Monitor / Analyzer
    900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands
    Coverage. Easy to use even suitable for non-technical personnel


5000 Series Basic Range Oscilloscopes
  • Real-time sample rate is up to 1 GSa/s and equivalent sample rate is up to 50 GSa/s
  • Digital filter and waveform recorder
  • Color LCD display or mono LCD display
  • 20 automatic measurements
  • 10 waveforms, 10 setups: Storage and Play-back
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide math functions
  • Powerful triggers: Edge, Video, Pulse width, Delay
  • Built-in FFT spectrum analyzer function
  • Automatic self cabiration
  • Built-in hardware frequency counters
  • Standard interface: USB Device
  • Optional extension module: Pass/Fail test module,RS-232/GPIB communication module
  • Multiple-language user interface
5000 Series Basic Range Oscilloscopes

Advanced 1000A Series Oscilloscopes
  • 2 GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate, 50 GSa/s maximum equivalent time sample rate & upto 300 MHz bandwidth ensures capture & observe entire signal
  • Up to 2000 wfms/s refresh rate
  • Ultra Compact Design with small footprint save your bench space
  • 5.7’ 64K TFT color LCD, bright and vivid waveform display
  • Memory depth: 10 kpts (Single Channel), Versatile trigger modes: Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternate
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity: Effectively filter noise fromtrigger signal and avoid false trigger
  • 20 automatic measurements
  • Cursor measurements: Manual, Track and Auto Measuremodes
  • 10 waveforms, 10 setups, BMP and CSV storage
  • Math functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, FFT, Invert
  • Built-in hardware frequency counters
  • Standard interface: USB Device, RS-232;USB Host, to support USB disk and USB printer
  • Standard configuration: Pass/Fail test,the signal out ofthe pass fail function is isolated to prevent unwantedinterference
  • Multi-language user interface, built-in help system
Advanced 1000A Series Oscilloscopes

Virtual Oscilloscopes
  • True Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) with 16 channel Logic Analyzers
  • 400 MSa/s maximum real-time sample rate and 25 GSa/s maximum equivalent sample rate
  • Memory depth: 1M points (Single Channel), 512K points (Dual Channels),512K points (Logic Analyzer)
  • 20 automatic measurements
  • Built in FFT providing frequency domain representation
  • Built-in hardware freqeuncy counter
  • Integrated LAN interface
Virtual Oscilloscopes

Arbitrary Generators
  • Upto 120MHz Arbitrary Generators
  • Optional Digital Logic Module - Create true mixed signals
  • DDS Technology: Provides for a superior signal with low distortion and noise
  • 300 MSa/s of sample rate, 14 bits of vertical resolution, 1M points of memory depth
  • 4.0" QVGA color LCD
  • 10 standard waveforms
  • Versatile modulation and variety of waveforms
  • AM,FM,PM,FSK,PWM,Sweep,Burst
  • Versatile input and output signals:
  • I/O: USB Device, RS-232, GPIB, LAN
  • emote access and control signal generators through 10/100M LAN interface
  • USB Host to support USB flash memory, USB printer and direct system upgrade
  • Seamless connectivity with DS series digital oscilloscopes: Ability to generate signals
Arbitrary Generators
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