Switches and Relays

Leach Military Relays and Contractors
LEACH  military-qualified miniature, subminiature and half-crystal can relays for dry-circuit switching range from low level to 75 amps and come in DC and AC versions.
  • Electroctromechanical Relays
  •  Hermetically Sealed Relays
  • Solid State Relays
  • Time Delay Relays
  • PCB Miniature Relays
  • High Frequency Relays
  • PCB Power Relays
  • Relays Sockets/Bases
  • Solid State Power Controllers

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LEACH high power contactors offer main contacts ranging from 25 to 1000 amps and are available hermetically or environmentally sealed in DC and AC versions. A variety of configurations, power terminations and packaging styles are available. Options include LRU versions, which feature a plug-in plunger interface for quick change installation, and lightweight busbar-mount configurations for modern electrical power distribution systems.
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HI-G Military Relays
Hi-G Italia has more than 40 years experience in manufacturing high quality hermetically sealed switching devices to meet military and aerospace specifications and applications. Hi-G Italia offers a fully integrated organization capable of designing and manufacturing its own products, with fully equipped and up to date test and reliability laboratories. All is harmonized in a Quality System approved and qualified to ISO 9001 and AQAP

Electromechanical Relays
  • PCB miniature Relays 
  • Timers
  • Solid State Relays
  • Sensors & Regulators
Applications hi-g hig relays relè Certifications
  • Military equipments
  • Avionics
  • Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Power Distribution
  • Automated Controls

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  • Push Button Switches
  • Toggle Switches
  • Rotary Switches
  • Rotary Dil Switches
  • Piezo Switches
  • Digital Switches
  • Rocker Switches
  • Micro Switches
  • Sil Switches
  • Reed Switches
  • Trim Switches
  • Joystick
  • Switch Panels
  • Light Indicators

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