Solar is the Solution
Solar Energy offers a clean and environment friendly energy solution. Solar Energy is used to produce the electricity for hybrid and standalone power requirements. Makkays brings you Japanese technology and a specialised range of Solar products which are tested, reliable and economical. These products are easy to install and environment friendly. Makkays has in-house technical expertise and offer ready made solutions as well as customised Solar Power Solutions to meet your requirements.
 Communication Solar Power Solutions
  • Short term return on investment.
  • Solar systems are ideal as an ‘on-site’ source of power.
  • Reduces dependency on grid supply which may not be available in remote locations.
  • Saves investment & maintenance costs on UPS/Genset or any other source of power required otherwise.
  • Solar systems are virtually maintenance-free.  For standalone systems there is no need to dig trenches and lay expensive cables
 Agricultural Solar Power Solutions
  • Solar water pump for tube wells
  • Solar hand pump clean drinking water solutions
  • Dry running protection for solar pumps
  • Fit for water supply applications in the remote locations.
  • Applications:
    Farms (feeding of cattle, irrigation of fields
    Parks & gardens (watering applications) and
    Water purification
 Grid Solar Power Solutions
  • Feeding your household & industry needs.
  • power from the sun pours onto the panels and down to the inverter which perfectly synchronises your home and grid power needs.
  • Maintenance-free, and with an expected life of over 25 years.
 Domestic Solar Power Solutions
Each of below mentioned product would be supplied with solar home UPS, Solar panel, Batteries and 5 meters each AC & DC cables. 

Typical backup time once the batteries are 100% charge is 02 hours. Long backup time units (up to 24 hours) are also available.
Product Load Description
MAK-812-2 2 Energy Savers, 2 Fans, 2 Tube Lights, 1 TVs
MAK-1624-2 4 Energy Savers, 4 Fans, 4 Tube Lights, 2 TVs
MAK-2424-2 4 Energy Savers, 4 Fans, 4 Tube Lights, 2 TVs, 1 PCs with 15" Monitor
MAK-4024-2 8 Energy Savers, 6 Fans, 8 Tube Lights, 3 TVs, 2 PCs with 15" Monitor
MAK-6048-2 8 Energy Savers, 6 Fans, 8 Tube Lights, 1 TVs, 1 PC with 19" Monitor, 1 Refrigerator 12Cu. Ft.
MAK-8048-2 12 Energy Savers, 8 Fans, 12 Tube Lights, 3 TVs, 3 PCs with 19" Monitor
Load Description Load
Energy Saver 24W
Ceiling Fan 70W
Tube Light 40W
TV21" CRT 250W
TV21"LCD 100W
PC with 15" Monitor CRT 300W
PC with 15" Monitor LCD 180W
PC with 19" Monitor CRT 760W
PC with 19" Monitor LCD 320W
Washing Machine 230W
Refrigerator 12 Cubic Feet 800W

Load Calculation Chart is for reference purpose only. Please consult our technical team for proper load calculations.
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