Predictive Pre Emptive Testing


Earth/Ground Testers:

Complete range from Basic Clamp Loop Testing and Basic 3-Pole Stake Testing to advanced single key operated and yet portable analyzers with and without Stake Application Kits and include Soil Resistant compliant aspects. They further include Industrial/Power Pylon and specific Telecom Voltage Applications and are additionally compliant with Automatic Frequency Control features including programmable limit settings and ac as well as dc application compliance.

Test and Measurement

Thermal Imaging Solutions:

Whether you are a PDM Expert, Consultant or Frontline Industrial Troubleshooter, Fluke have the right thermal imager for you. These include feature IR-FusionTM Technology and give the Industry's Largest and Sharpest Thermal Images. They are the ideal tools for professionals looking for the best thermal imager around. The basic versions put the power of thermal imaging into the hands of frontline maintenance professionals.

The popular products in Thermal Imager category ranges from general user (TI100) to industrial-commercial aplications (Fluke-125 & Fluke TI25/32)

Exclusive Software and Accessories:

The best test tools deserve accessories designed and manufactured to the same high quality and safety standards. Comprehensive range of accessories for all product groups. Exclusive software with advanced exportable and user friendly aspects.


If you are looking for solutions to difficult temperature measurement and monitoring challenges, IRCON is the company to call. IRCON offers a product range and experience that are unmatched in the industry. IRCON’s solutions are designed to suit a wide variety of applications, with a product line capable of measuring temperatures from -50 degrees to 6500 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 degree to 3500 degrees Celsius). Whether you are in the business of manufacturing or processing metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, paper, textiles, chemicals, packaging, food or pharmaceuticals, chances are IRCON has a solution to address your situation.



Whether you need a portable thermal imager for condition monitoring or a complete on-line thermal imaging system for process control, Ircon has your solution. 

The Maxline 2 is Ircon's next generation of thermal imaging camera. With a NEMA 4 housing stainless steel body, and remote focusing capabilities, the Maxline 2 is built ready to take on the toughest applications.

The Stinger thermal imaging camera is designed to deliver the highest quality, real-time video temperature representation of your process. By combining the latest uncooled focal plane array technology with Ircon’s ruggedizing expertise, we are able to provide an unprecedented level of performance for industrial process control applications.



The Ircon ScanIR II Line Scanning infrared thermometer bridges the gap between spot pyrometers and thermal imaging systems. Commonly used for moving targets such as webs, rolls, sheets, and other applications. 
The Ircon ScanIR II Line Scanning Infrared Thermometer bridges the gap between spot temperature measurement and thermal imaging. Well suited for temperature measurement of moving processes such as webs, sheets, rolls, and films, the ScanIR II Line Scanner can be run stand alone or with Ircon interface software.



Our infrared thermometer sensors work together in systems that include a display/processor unit with controller options. Choose from IR sensors with either through the lens viewing and focusing, or fibre optic configurations that let you keep the electronics in an accessible location. 
The Modline 3 Microcomputer-Based Infrared Thermometer is an sophisticated and innovative infrared thermometer system with more of the features you want as standard. Choose from eleven different thermometers including both high and low temperature ratio (two color) versions. Both high performance single lens reflex and fiber optic sensors are available.



Ircon offers an expanded line of products ranging from simple digital temperature displays to PID temperature controllers and programmable operator interface panels with large graphic process displays. 
Modline 5 Digital Panel Meter (DPM): 
If you are looking for temperature display and remote control capabilities for a Modline 5 sensor mounted in a hard-to-reach location, the Digital Panel Meter is the solution. 
The DPM is specifically designed to function with Modline 5 sensors. All parameters of a Modline 5 sensor can be viewed and set from the DPM, connected through the sensor's RS-485 serial communication, and presented through a bright, compact display. An optional relay board can be ordered to provide four user-configurable controls for temperature alarms.


Modline 5 Multi-Sensor Interface:
 If you need to control and monitor multiple Modline 5 sensors simultaneously, and are looking for a feature-rich, web-accessible, and easy-to-use display, look to the Modline 5 Multi-Sensor Interface (MSI). The Modline 5 MSI is a NEMA 4X rated, 10.4" touch panel color display with processing capabilities. Pre-loaded with screens presenting Modline 5 Sensor configuration, status, current temperature, historical trends and temperature alarms, the unit provides an instant overview of up to 12 Modline 5 Sensors interconnected in an RS485 network. The MSI enables users to access configuration and temperature data for each Modline 5 sensor in its network, near the production environment, and over plant-wide networks and the Internet via an embedded web browser interface.


Temp View displays for SR Series, Javelin, MinIRT and Modline 4 sensors:
  If you are looking for remote temperature display and setup capabilities for hard-to-reach SR Series, Javelin, MinIRT and Modline 4 sensors, a Temp View display offers a flexible solution. The Temp View display is a universal display and controller that can serve a wide range of Ircon sensors and sensor monitoring needs. General features include:


  • 96 x 48mm Panel Cut Out 1/8th DIN
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 rated
  • Selectable decimal point
  • Excitation selectable 24vdc, 2vdc, 1.75mA
  • Operates on 11 to 36vdc or 85 to 250VAC (different models)
  • 20 readings/sec, 200msec response time between steps
  • 16 point programmable linearization
  • Programmable function keys with hidden mode
  • Four alarms as relay, NPN OC, or PNP OC outputs
  • Serial communications RS232, RS485, or Devicenet
  • Analog output 4 to 20ma or 0 to 10vdc
  • Can be configured via software or front panel
  • AC unit operates on 85 to 250VAC 50/60 cycle @15VA
  • DC unit operates on 11 to 36 VDC @11W
  • UL/CUL and CE certified
  • Isolated analog output that can be programmed to be full scale, increased resolution over defined area, converted from 0-10vdc to 4-20ma, and inverted.



Makkays is pleased to introduce Kelman, a UK based company with worldwide presence offering exclusive products for the Electricity Market for Generation, Transmission and Distribution as well as in the Railway Sector for the Automation of Signaling Supplies. The product range varies from Low Voltage Reclosers and Critical Safety Equipment, to the Monitoring of Large, High Voltage Power Transformers. Kelman products are now used in almost every country across the globe including Pakistan.Their related Product Portfolio includes:


Transport X - Portable/Field Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA)
A unique and only product available so far based on PAS (Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy) technology capable of monitoring upto seven parameters/gases and water with absolutely no calibration or carrier gases and no consumables Portable Unit having Touch Screen with complete & enhanced software analysis and Hard Data availability in the field.

Transfix - Online Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA)
A unique and only product available so far based on PAS (Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy) technology capable of monitoring upto eight parameters/gases, water and Nitrogen with absolutely no calibration or carrier gases and no consumables. Fixed and Online small unit with Sunlight visible Alarms compliant with enhanced Software through extensive local and remote communications options. Work on Hourly Sampling with Load Monitoring.

Handheld HV Online Circuit Breaket Test Set

Unique technique to capture the vital "First Trip", not possible with traditional test sets. Tests almost any breaker in use today and acesses most critical aspects of breaker performance including Main Mechanism, Trip-Latch, Trip-Coil, Station Battery and Wiring Condition, Auxiliary Contacts and more. Offline Testing also available with the Interface Unit offers accurate Timing of the Main Contacts and Measurement of Pole-Spread of the main contacts. Can be tied up with Injection Test, Relay Tests and Vibration Test Modules.

Enhanced Software
Percepton Diagnostic & Trending Software for Oil-Filled HV Equipment with Automated Analysis, exclusively supporting DGA Solutions. ReplayPro Comparison Software for Trend Performance for Breakers. Allows up to 16 Databases to be examined over a Network. Softwares support through ethernet, PSTN Modems, GSM and CDMA Wireless Modem options.
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