Power Supplies

Makkays is an authorised distributor of Kepco, Inc. Kepco, headquartered in New York designs and manufactures well-regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment. With 55 years of experience, Kepco has acquired a reputation for consistently supplying customers with the highest quality products. Kepco’s designs have pioneered the development of the modern power supply, with such firsts as the first programmable power supply, the first bipolar (4-quadrant) power supply, and the concept of the wide-band operational power supply. All products manufactured by Kepco are backed by a tradition of service that helps customers achieve reliable solutions to their power supply needs.


Kepco's line of power supplies includes over 2,000 standard catalogue items. The product line includes lab, system and modular (OEM) style products. The power supplies range in power from 3 Watts to 3,000 Watts with output voltages from 0 to 5,000 Volts. The product line includes digital and analog programmable supplies, as well as fixed output and limited range adjustable output supplies. The power supply line is complemented by a large variety of digital interfaces to permit computer control of Kepco's power supplies.

In addition to the standard power supply product line, Kepco provides customised assemblies as complete power system solutions for its customers. The diversity of power modules in the Kepco line permit us to configure rack systems and modified standard products to meet a wide variety of needs.

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