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Makkays has a special partnership with LEONI AG of Germany. LEONI is among the world’s largest and longest established cable manufacturers with leading positions in many international markets. LEONI develops produces and sells product and solutions for the most diverse industrial applications.

Leoni FlexLine® 

For mobile radio stations Leoni Special Cables offers frequency connections from a single source. Leoni’s fully developed FlexLine® system solutions are based on high-quality cables, connectors and assemble accessories. Together, these components add up to a complete family of cable connectivity products from the antenna down to the base station. As a system supplier LEONI design, develop and produce perfectly coordinated components of the highest quality.


Leoni’s FlexLine® family of cables, connectors and accessories guarantee excellent electrical characteristics (e.g. high return loss and low passive intermodulation) and has outstanding mechanical and climatic properties ideal for outdoor installations. Leoni’s comprehensive list of FlexLine accessories include lightning and EMP protection, jumper cables, power splitters, grounding kits, installation materials as well as special tools for very easy and fast installations.

  • Cable Types:
    FlexLine® Super Flexible Cables 
    Designed for use in tight wiring spaces, with superior electrical and mechanical performance, ideal for applications requiring smallest bending radii, high flexibility, low attenuation and high shielding.

FlexLine® Super Flexible Feeder Cables
Offer a host of options for construction of transmission and reception facilities, installations are simplified and less expensive due to the cable’s minimal bending radius, flexibility and low weight.
FlexLine® Flexible Cables
Designed to provide low-loss connections between electronic transmission or reception units and antennas. The corrugated outer conductor construction guarantees optimal shielding, low attenuation and provides the flexibility for easy shipping, handling and installation.

Low Loss Cables 
Especially designed to correspond to the requirements of the mobile, cellular and broadcast networks, with excellent performance regarding connections between electronic transmission or reception units and antennas.

  • Connectors, Adaptors and Terminations:

    FlexLine connectors and adaptors are available in N and DIN 7-16 series with both male and female interfaces for FlexLine cables from 1/4” to 1 5/8”. All connectors are designed to guarantee excellent electrical characteristics with FlexLine cables guaranteeing Excellent return loss, High quality standards, Simple assembly and installation Waterproof IP 68 and Low attenuation values.
    FlexLine N Connectors
    FlexLine Connectors DIN 7-16 Series
    Adaptor straight
    Adaptor right angle


Stripping Tools:

FlexLine assembly tools are easy to use and perfect for fast and reliable preparation of the cable to insure proper connector attachment. The stripping tools are designed to perform a smooth cut at the exact location on the outer and inner conductors. The automatic stripping tools control the dimensions of the cable jacket, outer conductor, foam and inner conductor for consistent and reliable connector attachment. They are substantially faster and more precise than conventional ‘hands-on’ strippers, installation time is reduced by up to 70 percent and the correct connector fit is achieved automatically, no gauging, no rework- first pass shield guaranteed.
Automatic stripping tool for FlexLine 7/8”
Automatic stripping tool for FlexLine 1 ¼”
Stripping tool for FlexLine 7/8”
Stripping tool for grounding kits


Jumper Cables:

FlexLine jumper cables are ideal for applications requiring durability, small bending radii, high flexibility, low attenuation and high shielding. They are connected between the main feeder and antennas or between the main feeder and RF equipment. The jumper cables are offered in sizes of ¼”, 3/8” and ½” and are designed for outdoor use to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. FlexLine Jumper cables are distinguished by the following features:
Designed for outdoor applications under extreme climatic conditions
High flexibility and small bending diameters
High shielding effectiveness 120 db
Low intermodulation product IM3-160 dbc
Sealing between connector and cable jacket
Waterproof to safety class IP 68 (according to IEC 529)
Cable jackets of the flame retardant, halogen-ree material (FRNC)
Available in any cable length with a large variety of connector combinations.


Power Splitters:

FlexLine Power Splitters are available with N and DIN 7/16 interfaces to combine various antenna systems to radio base station for mobile communication networks. The FlexLine product range comprises 2-way, 3-way and 4-way types for male and female interfaces. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use for a broad frequency range from 800 to 2500 MHz.

This product range comprises FlexLine couplers which can be implemented in antenna line installations to distribute or combine transmitted signals with certain coupling values. The couplers are available with N and DIN 7-16 interfaces and can cover 800-2500 MHz.
Wideband coupler
Wideband hybrid coupler
Wideband directional coupler


Grounding Kits:

FlexLine grounding kits are used for the low-induction connection of cable systems to the antenna site ground. They discharge any lightning strikes that occur to ground. For equipotential bonding on site, the grounding kits are installed in the upper cable ends, in the vicinity of the mast foundation and at the building entrances. In longer feeder systems, additional ground connections are recommended at distances of every 60 m. FlexLine grounding kits demonstrate the following features:
Simple, rapid and safe installation
Compact version with no loose component parts
High security against lightning strikes
Contact resistance < 1?
Installation time of approx. 3 min
Waterproof to IP 68
Weather-resistant due to the use of stainless steel
DIN EN 50164-1, VDE 0185 part 201:2000-4
Max. current 100KVA
Ampere +/- 10%


Installation Material:

The FlexLine installation materials are simple and easy to assemble. Quality components are used to provide the reliability for years of trouble-free installations. FlexLine high-grade clamps will not slip or become deformed when installed on FlexLine cables. Installation is made easy by the extremely simple operation of the clamps. The cable is laid in the clamp and the clamping trough is inserted. The trough automatically attaches to the clamp thus securing the cables. All FlexLine clamping troughs are made of reinforced fibreglass and UV-resistant plastics. The metal parts of the clamps are made of stainless steel.
There are various models of clamps available depending on the number of cables to be secured and the type of mounting required. A swing-out clamp is available that enables attachment to non-horizontal and non-vertical profiles.


Insulation & Weatherproofing:

3M™ Cold shrink kit
The cold shrink sealing kits are specially designed for cable installations. Cold shrink is the fastest way to secure waterproof protection for connectors, splices and jumper-antenna interfaces. Installation is quick and easy and no tools are required. The shrinking process is performed by removing (unwinding) the core from inner side of the cold shrink kit. 
Weatherproofing tapes
Weatherproofing tapes are used for protection of connectors, splices and interfaces that are exposed to corrosive environmental conditions. They also help to prevent the loosening of connectors at interfaces that are subjected to vibration.

Infrastructure Solutions

Hoisting Grips:

Hoisting grips are important tools for the installation of FlexLine cables. In use for many years, hoisting grips insure a smooth and safe distribution of tension forces from the pulling member onto the cable. Only with a suitable hoisting grip, can the maximum cable pull force be applied without elongation, deformation or damage. Wide ranges of hoisting grips are offered. The assortment of hoisting of hoisting grips includes both open and closed versions. The closed version is used at the end of a standard feeder cable. The open version is typically used on feeder cables with attached connectors and can be applied at any point along the cable. Open and closed versions are offered in wither galvanized steel or stainless steel.



MAKKAYS is an authorized and exclusive sales representative of AC&E, an Australian company which has become a leading manufacturer of connectivity and interface solutions to the telecommunications, networking, audio/video and broadcasting industries.

AC&E is specialist in the development and manufacture of products such as:
  • Telecommunication Blanus for 1.5 to 155 Mbit/s applications
  • Video Balnus for surveillance, Security and Broadcasting applications
  • Coaxial connectors and U Links primarily in BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT43 and 1.0/2.3
  • Audio Video interconnection and Distribution Products
  • Patch Assemblies
  • Alarm Modules, and Power Distribution Modules for telecommunications applications.
  • Cable TV Products for interface and distribution
  • Broadband Interface and Distribution systems for home, apartment or office.


MAKKAYS is an authorised and exclusive distributor of GO4FIBRE, first and largest fibre optic online superstore in Asia. Centrally located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong, we aim to serve our customers in the region with timely and quality services. Go4Fiber offers the most comprehensive selection of fiber-optic products to customers in different industries. As an one-stop fiber- optic electronic shop, Go4Fiber gathers thousands of products from different suppliers all around the world.

Go4fiber’s product range includes:
  •  Connector 
  •  Adaptor 
  •  Fiber Cable and Accessories 
  •  Patchcord 
  •  Cable Management 
  •  Attenuator 
  •  Coupler/Splitter/WDM 
  •  Laboratory and Component 
  •  Polarization Maintaining Product 
  •  Tools and Consumables 
  •  Splice Products 
  •  Testing Equipment 
  •  Networking Equipment & transmission Product

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