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  • Makkays is en exclusive distributor of KEYMILE, a Switzerland based company which specialises in access systems and solutions. KEYMILE develops, produces and supplies competitive Next Generation Access Platforms and DSL transmission systems. Network operators have to enhance their service portfolio from traditional services towards broadband multimedia services, at the same time they have to be able to able to support existing services further on. This demands a smooth migration from wireline networks to broadband packet oriented networks.



  • KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer and provider of Next-Generation Access Systems with integrated central network management. KEYMILE’s product spectrum ranges from IP-DSLAMs to Multi-Service Access Platforms and SHDSL transmission solutions, as well as specific transmission systems for Industrial Ethernet applications. More than 16 million access lines in over 100 countries confirm KEYMILE’s expertise. With headquarters in Vienna, the company has subsidiaries worldwide and many customers from the public and private telecommunications network provider segments.

  • Our class-leading solutions and portfolio
    Our Next-Generation Access Platforms make economical provisioning and transmission of a range of voice and data services possible, reducing operating costs as a result. They allow integration of new technologies and set trends for the future. Our solutions guarantee smooth migration to Next-Generation Network architectures and Triple Play services.

  • KEYMILE provides solutions for indoor and outdoor installations making new services with optimum flexibility possible. Moreover KEYMILE systems support the smooth migration to Next Generation Networks. Using KEYMILE systems you can offer triple play services at once and continue traditional services they must be able to continue to support existing services without any exchange of hardware. KEYMILE’s solutions protect the existing operators’ investments.

  • Whether you are a Public network operators, broadband access providers, private and company network operators, mobile network or you are an operator of telecommunication networks for public transportation, utilities and administrations, KEMILE products can meet your requirements, meet challenges of migration, overcome the access bottlenecks, and increase your operational efficiency.



Broadband access is essential for business customers to be able to provide growing safe and fast data exchange between different locations. Milegate provides Carrier grade Business services in Next Generation Networks, and is perfectly suited to provide business services with data rates of 64Kbps to 1Gbps.Milegate provides the optimum solution for business customers for the interconnections of locations and home office connections on copper as well as on optical fibre.

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More than Multi-Service, the UMUX systems family is a next generation multi service access system. With more than 40,000 network elements, it is used nowadays all over the world in public and private networks. Supporting PDH/SDH, ATM and Ethernet and a variety of interfaces and additional functions, UMUX covers every conceivable application, from traditional data transmission to next generation services in access networks. Its flexible system design, with three sizes of network nodes – UMUX 1500, UMUX 1200, and UMUX 900, the UMUX platform can be configured to operate in any network topology to deliver any service.

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